Frequently Asked

What in the world is an NIL Collective?

In the simplest sense, an NIL Collective is nothing more than a moderator of funds and organizer of activities. These activities primarily revolve around fundraising from fans and partnerships with businesses in order to pay those funds to athletes. NIL Collectives have become the status quo for initiating and developing robust NIL programs at schools. We can help get you started!

I want to support athletes at my school, do I need to start an NIL Collective?

Technically no, as there are a number of other options to support athletic programs that don't involve NIL. However, many schools are now seeing that to remain competitive in college sports, NIL funds are necessary to recruit and retain athletes. Your school is at a disadvantage without an NIL program to say the least, but there are things we can do to get you started immediately.

How can I ensure success for my NIL Collective?

There are a lot of variables in this equation but if we had to choose 3 key ingredients:

1) Leader - someone who is taking charge of NIL at a particular school (usually a donor but this entity needs to be external to the school). This person needs to be trustworthy and willing to try new things as we all navigate the uncertainty of an everchanging NIL landscape.

2) Support - having the support of fans is critical and that is typically established through visibility, but this can come and go depending on if your team is winning games. What you do have control over is obtaining the expressed support and affirmation of the Athletic Director (AD) or coaches at your school. That conveys that you are the "official" NIL Collective.

3) Luck - sometimes that's really all it takes. Align yourself with the people and partners that increase your probability of success, and don't be afraid to change if things aren't working out how you expect, or if there is something better out there. NIL is a game for the long-term.

Why should I align my NIL Collective with Medici Athletic?

Rightfully speaking, NIL is all about athletes. However, NIL only works with money from fans and other supporters. We believe many companies will sell you software that makes NIL nothing more than a transaction at your school. The operational software is the easy part, who do you believe is asking the right questions? That's where you should make your determination on who to work with. NIL is a game for the long-term, so align yourself with the company that has a mission you believe in. Join the Medici family!

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