Our Mission

To build a resourceful and profitable community for all college athletes, as well as the fans and businesses that support them. We strive to eliminate barriers that prevent participation in NIL, ensuring accessibility and mutual benefit for all stakeholders. Our success is based on how much we can M-power others through NIL.


Sustainability and NIL longevity arise when an ecosystem is created. Right now, fans are being asked by NIL Collectives to support with their $$$ for little to nothing in return, and businesses struggle to understand the ROI of working with athletes. As long as this imbalance exists, we have a job to do as a company. Our software solutions lie at the intersection of these stakeholders.

The Team

  • Travis McKay (CEO)
  • Ben Carlin (CPO)
  • Andrew Mangeni (CTO)
  • Marisa Huffman (COO & CFO)
  • Alexandra Hampton (Creative)
  • Tim McKay (NC State Football)
  • Miles Jordan (CLO)

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